The Top Trailers From Comic Con 2018

What started as a simple comic convention in which collectors and store owners would congregate to buff up stock, has in the last decade morphed into one of the most important pop culture events of the year. Each incarnation serving as a platform for television and movie studios to spread hype with their “big reveals.” And no I am not talking about the size of Hulk’s green lambo although that surely has been discussed many times throughout the winding halls of Comic Con. In the past we have seen Marvel take over Hall H, the major intersection for all the planned reveals, with gathering of the Avengers cast and trailers for Guardians, Thor, Infinity War etc. This year Marvel took a step back from the spotlight in terms of detailing future movies (we already know the roadwork anyway) and let other studios hold court. Let’s gather our thoughts on some of the trailers shown.

Alita: Battle Angel

Major Ghost In the Shell vibes showing up and I guess that is somewhat warranted. The source material for Alita is a Manga written by Yukito Kishiro in 1990 which details a very bleak post-apocalyptic future filled with violent and seedy cyberpunk characters. Cities formed within junkyards, human augmentation, all around struggle to see through the darkness and grime… It all feels familiar albeit I have not read the source material. At the helm is Robert Rodriguez (Desperado, Spy Kids, Sin CIty) with production credit for James Cameron, who seems to have been on a mission to have this film made.


For the last twenty years or so, the concept of an Aquaman movie has largely been a joke. Used in various bits of media as an example of a blockbuster that was destined to fail. The hero himself has been ridiculed and turned into a quasi meme of a man that has affected his standing in all media.  It does not help that the Aquaman game released on Xbox and Gamecube is commonly regarded as one of the worst modern games ever made. This IGN review is particularly harsh. Now here we are getting the first trailer for the real deal and star studded Aquaman. Jason Momoa certainly fills the role well and looks the part of an underwater half god but his presence in the recent Justice League film felt underwhelming and dull. Hopefully this movie can open up his character and drift away from the constant “woo!”-ing and comments on how something was badass. That being said, the trailer did include both of those so…..


Matt Groening (Simpsons and Futurama creator) and Netflix have united to develop this new series which promises to deliver his trademark humor to a Fantasy setting. With the track record Groening has the expectation is a high bar to reach. The Simpsons is a timeless classic and integral to the flow of pup culture and Futurama is of equal importance as well. Hopefully Disenchantment can capture that same magic.


Another DC hero showing up, Shazam is likely a lesser known hero to casual movie goer. Adorned in red spandex complete with lightning bolt and billowing white cape, he has the appearance of a child’s drawing of a hero. That is assuredly not the case as Shazam is one of the powerful beings in the DC universe often compared in strength to Superman himself. Shazam gains his power from a powerful magical source which as it turns out, is one of Superman’s weaknesses! Magic! Zachary Levi appears as the titular role and his goofiness is running full bore. DC could be leaning towards something like Kick-Ass as an example for direction.

Godzilla: King of the Monsters

I CAN NOT STOP WATCHING THIS TRAILER. The haunting Clair De Lune score, the action beats, the cast… All of it is absolutely thrilling. This is the best recent of how you hype people up. Even those that are indifferent to the Godzilla lore can appreciate the awesomeness. I am dying to see this flick. LONG LIVE THE KING

What are you looking forward to?

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