The New Zombies Map In Black Ops 4 Features Helena Bonham Carter And Kiefer Sutherland

Potentially outdoing their previous entries including actors, the new Zombies map will include Helena Bonham Carter, Kiefer Sutherland, Brian Blessed and Tywin Lannister himself (Charles Dance.) That is quite a stellar cast of characters put together for a single experience but Activision has shown in the past that they willing to pony up for this kind of talent.

“Dead of Night” will also mark the first appearance of Werewolves and Vampires as enemies which is surprising considering how many other things each Zombie map has thrown at us. Here is the description from Activision:

This all-new undead experience is set in 1912 and drops players into a lavish estate owned by the famed relic-hunter Alistair Rhodes, where they’ll step into the role of a new set of characters. As the unlikely crew of heroes bands together, they’ll equip all-new weapons to fight the mysterious force that has taken over the party. Players will also take on a variety of Zombies, including new enemies such as vampires and werewolves, and much more, to survive the nightmarish evening.

Dead of Night is available now

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