The Dawning Event In Destiny 2 Is Now Live

The Holiday themed event which promises festive loot and activities, is now available in Destiny 2. Running from December 11th till January 1st, “The Dawning” will feature new themed cosmetics, a new gun called Avalanche, and of course a sleigh themed sparrow. Oh and Eva Levante from the first Destiny makes her return.

Areas like The Tower will have their halls decked and snow will be falling from the darkened winter sky. It has a very nostalgic and cozy feeling, which is what the Holidays are all about. There is a ton of stuff to get into with this event, but a good place to start would be tracking down The Dawning Engrams to get the new unique loot. These of course can be turned into Tess at The Tower as you would with Bright Engrams. Players at max level can get double drops which means both Bright and Dawning engrams.

Keep in mind that this event just started and everyone is till wrapping their heads around what to do first and how to unlock certain things. This includes the new sparrow. So you should hop in fresh and just have some fun!

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