Tha Playstation Classic Fails In The Worst Way

Today marked the release of Sony’s Playstation Classic, a bundle of retro games on a compact version of their original console. Titles include franchise favorites like Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy VI as well as nostalgia hits like Twisted Metal and Tekken 3. A total of 20 games rounds this out to almost the exact formula as what Nintendo has recently done with the NES and SNES classics respectively. Both of those bundles included 20 games, most of which were console sellers or true “stand the test of times” gems. There is one big difference however between the Sony and Nintendo “classic” re-releases. Nintendo pulled it off to great success and Sony completely dropped the proverbial ball. In fact they seem to have thrown it far over the neighbors fence, with no hope of retrieval.

As the December 3rd release date drew nearer, a lot of the initial hype and fervor had dwindled. Reasons ranged from the selection of games not being up to snuff to some of them being PAL versions. Early reviews expressed general disappointment and ended with warnings of what to expect. Now that experts have had the chance to really dig into the inner mechanics of the PS Classic, things are going to get way worse. Digital Foundry put together a great video breaking down the hardware running the device. It is worth a watch just to see how terrible the emulation pouring out of the small plastic mimic of a great console.

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