Physical Version Of Salt And Sanctuary Is Out Now And It Looks Sweet

An incredible “souls-like” indie game, Salt and Sanctuary, is out now in stores as the Drowned Tome edition for Nintendo Switch. Calling a game “souls-like” these days doesn’t hold much water, but this was really the first example of that term. Or at least the first game I remember being described this way. Not only is it the first, but is also arguably the best in this sub genre. It is hard as hell, demands you collect “salt” from enemies to level up, and has epic boss battles filled with tension and glory. Even visually it draws huge inspiration from a dark, medieval setting.

The physical release was originally supposed to come out in October but was pushed back to make sure everything was perfect. The release comes with a two sided poster, a download code for the soundtrack and terrific original box art. You should be able to grab a copy at Best Buy and other game retailers but you may want to call first.

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