No Man’s Sky: NEXT – Hello Games Looks To Finally Deliver

August of 2016 still stands as one of the most hope dashing months in the history of gaming. Hundreds of thousands of gamers got comfortable, turned the lights off and got ready to explore endless galaxies and planets with their friends. Only to find that that was not going to happen, not by a longshot. In fact most of the things that No Man’s Sky had promised was not going to happen. People noticed immediately that the worlds seemed different than what all the trailers and gameplay demos had shown. They felt cold and lifeless even though they were often in warm climates and featured lifeforms. There wasn’t much to do in the game and that draining sense of ennui creeped in quickly. Most importantly however, was the glaring omission of multiplayer which had been a crutch for Hello Games to lean on when selling gamers on their product.¬†Keyboards sprang to life with furious typing as forums and steam reviews turned into war zones. The goofy alien creatures were one thing but many purchased this game with the expectation of multiplayer. Hello Games went radio silent and a chorus of anger rose like spacecrafts launching into orbit.

So what has Hello Games been doing the last two years to win back the hearts and minds of the once hopeful? Since it’s release No Man’s has seen steady improvements and free add ons to the game as well as having more transparent development cycles. They have admitted that they were not prepared for the outcry, which explains their silence, and have vowed to deliver what once seemed like a day one experience. Around the time of e3 2018 Sean Murray announced that not only would No Man’s be coming to Xbox One, but it will also be launching that same day with a full multiplayer experience. No gimmicks or “halfway there” models but a real deal, co-op space faring adventure. Now of course many are still skeptical about what the new trailer is showing off and no one will blame them for that. This should for all intents and purposes be Hello Games last shot at winning back a dedicated community. Watch the new trailer below




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