Best Indie Games on the Nintendo Switch

Note: This list is in no particular order.

The Switch is a bastion of hope, a place where Indie games can thrive. We’ve seen this with games like Hollow Knight selling 250,000 copies in two weeks! Many indie games on the Switch have similar stories, most times, indie games sell exponentially more copies on the Switch than they do on all other platforms.


Metroidvania, Rogue Lite, Hookshot, randomly generated, Pirates. Interested? Well then Flinthook is what you are looking for. You play as a space pirate who pillages across the galaxy attacking ships and looting what you can. Each ships layout consists of connected rooms each filled with their own enemies and obstacles. Clear the rooms and find the treasure. Simple but effective and the gorgeous pixel art visuals will scratch any 16 bit itch.

Death Road to Canada
Wow what a name! The name is enough to draw curiosity. Death Road to Canada is Rogue Like game with permadeath. This means each time you die you start over with a new character set. It sounds strenuous but can be quite rewarding when mastered. Each run you embark on will have your four person party explore zombie infested locations as you travel to the safety of Canada. The combat is very basic but is well crafted and never really feels dull. One of the most interesting parts of Death Road is the text based encounters you will run into. These multiple choice scenarios will have big impacts on your un so making the right choice is imperative. Also has a ton of replayability so you know you are getting your moneys worth.

Golf Story
A polar opposite to the frantic chaos of the previous two games, Golf Story begs you to just chill out and hit the greens bro. Seriously there is a type of euphoria that oozes out of this game and I can’t put my finger on it. Could be the whimsical soundtrack and environments or maybe how smooth the actual golfing action is. All I know for sure is that Golf Story is super fun and exceedingly goofy. A Golf RPG is a pretty silly concept in its own right but hey it actually works. You start as a young prodigy that must travel to different themed towns and master their each unique course. All the while developing your skills and leveling up. Side quests are abundant and the challenge level never feels overwhelming. The best part of Golf Story is that you can set down your golf balls anywhere at anytime and start swinging. Thank you Golf Story devs for that.

The best thing about Overcooked is how easy it is to introduce to non gamers. While it can be pretty challenging in later levels, the hooks are set in early and the determination to perfect each level is palpable for all types of players. The goal of overcooked is to scramble around each unique kitchen fulfilling the customers orders. This is not a new concept in gaming but never before has it been pulled off so effectively. Truly a fantastic couch co op experience and that’s where the Switch excels. Match made in heaven

Stardew Valley
Stardew Valley was a breath of life into the stale life/farm sim games and will stand as one of the best games in that genre. Mixing elements from harvest moon, rune factory, and animal crossing Stardew crafts a melange of delightfully entertaining farming. Not a ton to say that already hasn’t been said but this game feels like it should have been made for the Switch in the first place! We are so glad it is here now.

Before we get to the last game in our list, let’s take a quick look at our honourable mentions:

The Binding of Isaac
While this game was at one time an indie game, it has evolved into something bigger. It received a full retail release on the switch for 30 bucks so in my opinion it has drifted away from the indie moniker. Great game though.  This is probably one of the most played games that us at Memory Cards enjoy!

Human Fall Flat
This game is undoubtedly hilarious. Any game with this type of physics manipulation is bound to illicit some laughs. However you really need a co op partner for that to occur as the single player experience is lacklustre.

Now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for, the final game on our list:

Wizard of Legend
Simply put, Wizard of Legend is badass. The mix of martial arts and magic inform the games combat which is smooth and hectic. You bounce across the screen pulling off devastating and satisfying combos with everything from lightning storm to ice blades. The Co-Op is incredibly fun and where this game truly shines.

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